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United States

"I guess I had never heard you sing several numbers as you did at E ho o Mele, and I was so impressed with the dynamic and sincerity with which you sang- and the words you shared so well. God has given you many gifts, and probably the best days are ahead. Your tears at our brief moment of meeting in the park only affirmed your sincerity and devotion to Christ - and the cause of evangelism."
R. F., Special Assistant to Dr. Billy Graham

"I continually recall with joy, your visit to the Island in May (1995). What an encouragement your ministry was to me, and (from much feedback) to many others. I look forward to your next visit."
Chaplain Mc Neal, (Major) U.S. Army, Johnston Island Base Chapel

"I want you to know how greatly I admire your ministry. You inspire so much. Ministry is tough enough with a partner - a male partner - but God has enabled you to endure much as
HIS handmaiden, and a chosen vessel! Just you and the Holy Spirit - But what a team! You bless and encourage me more than I can say."
D. J.

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"I don't ever remember sharing how very special your ministry is to me. God has blessed
you the ability to write the kinds of songs that minister to the 'deep needs' of people. You know, the kind that you only share with Jesus and my life is filled with storms and it seems that every time I'm in the midst of one, you are called to sing and you minister to the deepest cries of my heart and God has even put it on someone's heart to buy me every one of your tapes, without my ever saying a single word to anyone. ...May the hand of God continue to touch and strengthen your life."
Linda B.


"May I take this opportunity to thank you Lillie, for your special part in the March for Jesus 94. We appreciated your jumping in and giving us all a wonderful blessing through the special arrangement of 'God Bless America.' This is the kind of commitment the church needs to have, to see the Lord truly send revival, of which we all are desiring. Lillie, your special words ministered to every man, women and child who related to what America's needs truly are."
D. B. , Crown Ministries International, Bella Vista, Arizona


"My dear Sister Lillie, I recently heard you speak at the Pasadena Chapter of Women's Aglow. I just wanted to share with you what a blessing your testimony was to my life personally. I could see you were so pure and open before the Lord when you sing. So kind of Angelic. Your face just shined and seemed God was really speaking to me. Especially about trusting Him. I have no job, my husband left me and I have no money, but I was so encouraged when you sang "His Eye is on the Sparrow" and when you gave those scriptures. The lady next to me gave $5.00 to pay for my lunch. Praise the Lord."
S. B., Missionary to South Africa

"Your enthusiasm is contagious!"
Dan Whitfield, Senior Pastor, Mission Springs Community Church, Fremont, California

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"...Thank you for performing at Pinkie Lee's for our Gospel Brunch. You were an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talent with Orlando."
K. C.

"We like your hats!! We also like your enthusiasm for life and singing. We first 'met' you on the Gaither homecoming videos and have enjoyed listening and watching over the years. We only hope you will continue to be an integral part of Southern Gospel Music for a long time. You have a special talent/gift for music - enjoy it (your gift) and see what God will continue to do through you."
L. E., Royal Palm Beach, Florida


"What a tremendous time we all had in the Lord! Your spirit-filled songs of inspiration lifted us above the rafters. My, what a voice! I could just listen to you week after week. (Hint, Hint!) Please accept our sincere thanks for all you've done in the name of our precious Lord."
Malcolm Stuart, Pastor, Kailua Baptist Church, Kailua, Hawaii

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"What a delight it was to have you at Grand Rapids First Assembly over the special July 4th weekend! We were blessed by the enthusiastic way you ministered the love of Jesus to us through your songs. It's obvious, Lillie that you love the Lord with all your heart. It was great to hear of God's care for you as you shared that you do not have pain in your knees while you are ministering. Thank-you, Lillie, for encouraging Christians and for loving sinners into the Kingdom of God during that evening."
M.Wayne Benson, Former Senior Pastor, First Assembly of God, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


"We thank you so much for coming to our Women's Aglow meeting in St. Louis. It was so uplifting to hear you honor and praise the name of Jesus in word and song, more effective than any sermon could have been. Your kindness, love, joy, and peace was in every respect a true presentation of our Lord. The way every detail of the program was executed in a truly professional way made a big impact on us."
R. K., President, Aglow, Greater St. Louis Chapter, St. Louis, Missouri

New Jersey

"[Ms.] Lillie K.'s homepage is wonderful. I loved the idea of the hats as both a sub-theme and navagational devices. The wall papers were very feminine and reflected the 'joie de vivre' that Ms. Lillie seems to radiate, she appears warm, and optimistic. I also liked that most of the pages had a quote from the Bible at the top of them, reminiscent of thanking the Lord first and foremost."
P. E.

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North Carolina

"I would like to thank you for your ministry to us at our recent District Council. Every song you sang was delightful, and led us into the presence of God. Many ministers in the state went home greatly encouraged, and that was due in a large part to your ministry in song. 'The Comforter Medley' with the Celebration Choir was and experience that will not be forgotten. Thank you for sharing your ministry with the eight area choirs that participated!"
C. R., District Musical Director, North Carolina Assemblies of God, Dunn, NC.


"What a fantastic night we had here at Portland Christian Center! Your music was inspirational and your message timely. I appreciate you giving your all for the service and believe that God used you to touch many hearts. May God continue to bless you in your service for the Kingdom. Keep up the good work!"
Bill Wilson, Former Senior Pastor, Portland Christian Center, Portland, Oregon

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"I saw you on a television show. I had asked the Lord
how to get in touch with you when suddenly your address appeared on the screen. Just like the Lord. You are a blessing. Love you and thanks."
N. W., Garland, Texas


"What a lady you are! How our people loved you. Your song really touched us. I am a fan of Lillie Knauls."
Tom Lindberg, Pastor, First Assembly, Memphis, Tennessee


"I just wanted to tell you I got saved on Waikiki Beach when the Waikiki Beach Chaplaincy set up church around me and I just wanted to catch some rays. Well it was a time in a my life when the bottom had been pulled out. I went to Hawaii to escape and I found Jesus in 1976. Now my husband and I are serving the Lord full time with this (New Beginnings Home) ministry."
D. M., Tacoma, Washington

Other Countries

"Please know that your presence made a difference. God is obviously using in a host of ways - through your life, your infectious smile, your singing voice, your words of encouragement, etc..."
T. J., Campus Chaplain, Christian Academy of Japan, Tokyo.

"On our recent return from the Women's Aglow Fellowship Conference in Manila, it was a joy to hear from so many ladies how much they had been blessed by your sharing and gift of song at the April meeting."
Y. F., President, Aglow Women's Fellowship, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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