December 2011
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December 2011

Merry  Christmas ........ not  "happy  holidays."  This is  my  most  favorite  time  of  the  desire  is  to  put  Christ  back  into  Christmas ....... true .....many  do  not  even  know  what  we  know.  That  Christ  is  in  Christmas.....but  how  exciting  to  see  the  whole  world  recognize  the  birth  of  our  Lord  and  Savior  Jesus  Christ.........I  love  to  walk  through  the  mall  and  hear  those  timeless  carols  being  played.....and  folk  who  don't  know  Him  as  we  do  are  humming  and  singing along  about  the  birth  of  our  Savior   and  some  songs  are   even  songs  that  worship  Him!  Wow!

Luke 2:14 - "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, goodwill toward men!"

We  do  not  know  the  exact  date  of  the  birth  of  Jesus.....but  Dec.  25th  has  been  designated  as  the  date  we  celebrate .....and  Christians  have  made  it  a  very  special  day  to    remember  Father  God's  gift  to  the  world (from  His  heart  of  love)  awesome....that  the  God  of  the  universe....wrapped  himself  in  a  tiny  baby's  body.....sent  him  to  earth  to  redeem  us  from  all  our  sins.......I  always  make  sure  when  I minister  at  Christmas-time  that  I  tell  the  "rest  of  the  story".......  and  it  is  this......that  Jesus  came  as  a  baby .... grew  up  in  Nazareth ......was  crucified....then buried  in  a  borrowed  tomb.....but  on  the  3rd  day  morning.....He  arose  and  is  alive  today  and  will  come  live  in  our  hearts  if  we  just  ask  Him.....I  am  so  glad  that  I  know  him  as  my  personal  Savior....I  asked  Him  into  my  heart  when  I  was  just  a  little  girl....and  He  is  still  there.

December  is  always  wonderfully  busy  for  me.....the  time  for  those  parties,  banquets....all  types  of  functions ..... so  I  have  been  running  here  and  there  ministering  and  lovin'  it. 

What a joy to be asked to minister for a group called "Circle of Friends". I learned that they have been meeting yearly for at least 50 years....what a group. Most of them grew up in the dynamic Angeles Temple. I loved listening to the stories about Amiee Semple McPherson....her powerful messages, her dramatic presentations and her Ministry to the poor. Present at this breakfast, was the talented organist, Linny Olson. I have always wanted to meet her and there she was.

Linny Olson, organist, and Ms. Lillie

Also, speaking to us at breakfast was Brother Ray Wilson, also known as Black Buffalo. He dresses as an Indian. He travels extensively, ministering to Indians....just hearing him exort that day was powerful and I am certain that God uses him in a great way.

Black Buffalo and Ms. Lillie

I  had  a  phone  call  from my  dear  friend, Stephanie, in  Hawaii .... telling  me  that  she  would  be  in  the  desert  for  a  week  with  her  2  sisters.....and  because  I  am  only  an  hour  away....I  was  able  to  join  them  for  a  day.....what  fun  we  had  in  old  Palm  Springs The  weather  was  great ...... especially  for  Lorna ......... as  she  is  from  Minnesota.  We  took  this  photo.... (and  you  know  where?) ....I  do  love  those  Nuts  and  Chews. 

Celia, Lorna, Stephanie, Ms. Lillie

The  snow-birds  are  back in California ....... and I  love speaking / singing  for  those  precious  folk  from  all  over  the  U.S. and  Canada ......I  get  to  minister  to  so  many  different  denominations. There  are  many  hurts ..... disappointments ..... heartaches ..... among  the people,  and  music  can  minister  in a  great  way  to  hearts  and  lives.....I  see good  results  also  at  the  Christian  Women’s  Connection  Luncheons ...... as regular  attendees  are  encouraged  to  invite  unsaved  friends  to  come hear  a  singer/speaker  and learn how  God  has  a  plan  for  their  lives ....... many  ask  Jesus  to  come  live  in  their  hearts......that  makes  all  my  time  and  travel  worth  it. 

Psalms 9:10 - And those who know Your Name will put their trust in You;
for You, Lord, have not forsaken
those who seek You.

My  heart  was  saddened  as  I  drove past many churches  on  Christmas  Day  (Sunday)  and saw vancant parking lots....they were  actually  closed ..... I  thought  of  many  folk  who  only  come  to church  on  Christmas.....and  to  discover  that  the  church  they  could  attend.....was  prayer  to  God  is  that He  will  place  someone  in  their  lives  to  talk  to  and  answer  any  questions  they  might  have.........we  must  always  be  ready.  I   was  in  a  great  exciting  service  on  Christmas  Sunday.....a  great  day  of  celebration.





Isaiah 9:6 - For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder. His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

I  am  getting  my  new  CD  master  to  the  week  and  very  soon,  I  am  able  to  mail  it  to  you.....just  let  me  know........I  am  very  excited  about  it.....I  believe  you  will  enjoy  and  be  blessed. Please click here to order.

This  last  week  of  December  has  been  a  busy  one  for  it seems calendars  are  being  looked  at.....and  I  am  being  asked  to  commit  to  dates  as  far  away  as  May.......remember  if  you  would  like  to have  me  come  to  one  of  your  Women’s  Functions ...... Senior’s  Meetings ....... or Church Service, just  give  me  a  call  and  we  will  talk  about  it.......I  know  you  will  NOT  be  disappointed .... and  yes,  you  can  afford  me!

When I had my farewell luncheon at the telephone company....(I was leaving to go into full-time ministry that God had called me to.) It was held at the Hyatt Hotel....a very nice of the cute friendly waitresses was Vineta. We became friends quickly....I invited her to church, she accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. We have been friends for 34 years....talking regulary on the phone .......... visiting one another's homes. I was with her last Sept 27th for her 91st birthday. She was a very special friend....I loved her very much. I spoke with her the morning of Christmas Eve....we laughed and talked a long time....I told her I would call her in a couple of days....which I did, but never speaking with her....the phone just rang and rang. On the Tuesday after Christmas, I received a phone call saying that she had gone to be with Jesus (of course they said she had passed away)....but as born-again Christians, we know that when we take our last breath, we are in the presence of Jesus. I was asked to prepare a memorial service for friends to gather and hear about her life. I'm working on it now. My webmaster is putting together a video of pictures I am acquiring from friends. It will be a good time of fellowship that day.

91-year old Vineta and Ms. Lillie

Years  ago,  I  met  a  wonderful  couple at  a  church  in  San Francisco.......I was  asked  to  come  minister  for   their "old  fashioned"   New  Year’s  Service ...... it  was  wonderful .....being  back  at  the  church  where  I  had  ministered  many  times   through  the  years  took  me  back  to  my  childhood ..... being  in  that type of service.....we called it "Watch Night Service"......the  Holy  Spirit  was truly  there. Thank you Pastor Stewart for the invitation.

God  Bless You, dear  friends, as  you  look  forward  to  a  Blessed  New  Year.....may  the  little  baby  in  the  manger,  and  now  our  soon  coming  King  of  Kings  be  real  to  you ....... This  Christmas  Season, let’s consider His sacrifice and ........ be  thankful  for  all  that  He  has  done  for   us.

This  is  my  last  newsletter  for  the  year  2011....and  I  want  to  thank  you  who  have  sent  financial  support  to  have  been  a  partner  to  me......through  your  prayers  and  financial  support......I  am able  to   continue  to  proclaim  the  “Good  News."   I  love  it!   Whatever  you  send, you  will  receive  a  tax-deductible  receipt ....... and  it  will  be  added  to  your  account  in  Glory.

Jesus  cares  about  all  of  our  pain  and  let  us  come  to  Him  with  all  our  problems.

Hebrews 4:16 - Let us come boldly to the Throne of Grace, that we may obtain mercy and find Grace
to help in time of need.

Yes,  God   is  always  there  to  do  exceedingly,  abundantly  more  than  you  can  imagine.....if  you  have  lost  a  job........a  home.....a  loved  one......God  will  give  Peace  and  take  care  of  all  the  issues.

II Thessalonians 3:16 - Now the Lord of Peace Himself give you Peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.

Please  let  me  hear  from  you........I  am  totally  into  E-Mails  now, ...... I'll  answer  you ...... boy,  technology  is  something ...... isn't  it?


See ya next time.....
Happy to be His Handmaiden,



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