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Lillie & Andrae
Ms. Lillie with the late Andrae Crouch -
Song Writer & Pastor

<strong>Pastor Benny Hinn - Lillie - Steve Brock</strong>
Ms. Lillie with Pastor Benny Hinn
and Steve Brock

Lillie's 60th Birthday
April 30th - Ms. Lillie's 60th Birthday

Ms. Lillie with Babbie Mason -

Don Ho
Ms. Lillie with the late Don Ho

Miss Lillie & Friends
Ms. Lillie with Gloria Gaither, Joy MacKenzie,
Sue Buchanan & the late Peggy Benson

Donna Douglas
Ms. Lillie with the late Donna Douglas
of The Beverly Hillbillies Fame

Ms. Lillie with Riff Markowitz, Founder of
Fabulous Palm Springs Follies

Lillei & Donnie
Ms. Lillie with Singer Donnie McClurkin

Ms. Lillie with the late Tim LaHaye
and his wife Beverly LaHaye

Edwin Hawkins
Ms. Lillie with the late Edwin Hawkins of
"Oh Happy Day" Fame

Pat Boone
Ms. Lillie with the legendary Pat Boone

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