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Randy Travis
Ms. Lillie with Randy Travis

Billy Preston
Ms. Lillie with the late Billy Preston,
Fantastic Organist

Ms. Lillie with Madeline Manning,
1968 Mexico City Olympic Gold Medal Winner, 1972 Munich Olympic Silver Medal Winner in Track & Field

Ms. Lillie with Dyan Cannon

Ms. Lillie with The Late Dr. McPherson,
Son of Aimee Semple McPherson
Founder of Historic Angelus Temple
Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Lillie with Matt Barnett,
New Pastor of Angelus Temple

Ms. Lillie with Veggie Tales Stars,
Larry The Cucumber &
Bob The Tomato at CBA

Ms. Lillie with Comedian Jim Stafford,
Branson, MO.

Porter Wagoner
Ms. Lillie at Grand Old Opry-Nashville
with the late legend, Porter Wagoner

Brad Paisley
Ms. Lillie at Grand Old Opry-Nashville
with Brad Paisley

Ms. Lillie with The Lennon Brothers & Gail
Branson, MO.

Ms. Lillie with Ricky Scaggs

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